Reality Show (Season One)

From April S Watson, executive producer of Women to Women, comes NY’s Women to Women: An Un-scripted Reality Show about the depths of the human condi¬tion; specifically, the lives of five business women, from New York. NY’s Women to Women explores the lives of these women and those that support them - one incredible fiancé, a challenging partner, a supportive daugh¬ter with her own goals, and a manager trying to keep them all sane, and features many others.

This series follows the joys and challenges of building businesses, keeping personal lives afloat, becoming more enlightened people by actively examining their lives and finding the tools to become their better selves. Each life is complex. Some of the ladies embrace different sexu¬alities and are at various places where embracing it can be found.

These seemingly ordinary women are extraordinary and yet seem so familiar. We follow them building their lives through positivity and resilience, and explore the many things (love, fear, betrayal, se-duction, friendship and business) they encounter on their journey. Each member has a story in their life and it is compelling because it is genuine. Our team utilized their expertise in the study of human behavior and storytelling to enter¬tain, educate and intrigue the au¬dience, while providing insight and assistance in growing as people, no matter where they are in life.