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Women to Women is an app to find all things related to the brand. As a media portal for shows, news, art and business, the W2W app follows and explores the lives of different business women from all walks of life as they struggle with the day-to-day drama of their careers, relationships and acceptance in the world. The Women to Women brand started from the show NY's Women to Women, created by cast Member April S Watson. April filmed and branded the show with her own money, rather than receive an exclusive distribution deal.

A non-exclusive deal came in 2016 that landed the show onDemand at Verizon Fios and Comcast Big South Network. April S Watson also worked with Buzzray, in a new marketing initiative to distribute the show, for a re-launch of the Buzzray TV online network, drawing over 300,000 viewers. NY's Women to Women went to #1 on Verizon for 2016, without airing the Finale or Reunion, which have yet to be seen by audiences.

April S Watson trademarked Women To Women, giving her the opportunity to franchise the brand to ATL and to the aftershow, Let's Talk Women To Women. This talk show is hosted by April S, with celebrity mixologist, Asia Violet and produced by the Creative Director of the brand, Sebastian Rothwyn. The W2W brand is about love, fear, betrayal, seduction, friendship and much more.
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